Positive Inspiration

It is easy to find inspiration, all over the world there are people; artists, designers who are not only creating beautiful pieces but also making a positive impact on their environment. It can be argued that the artistic community is more influential now than it has been at any other period in history. This is vastly because the way that the world functions these days, now more than ever it is important to have some sort of online presence. But has anyone stopped to ask themselves what kind of effect they are making on their surroundings. If  the world worked the way that these inspirational people did we would have less issues, more respect for our neighbours and in general, a safer environment.

This mentality was always in the back of my mind, but really solidified itself upon my visiting the site of an artist whose work I personally find beautiful and inspiring. Kal Barteski describes herself as an artist in every sense of the word. She paints, designs, photographs and writes. I originally discovered her blog lovelife.typepad.com from there I browsed her portfolio site, kalbarteski.bigcartel.com, and fell in love with her work. I think her work had such an impact on me because of her positive attitude towards her surroundings and the inspirational messages she conveys.

Kal Barteski

Another group of people who are making a conscious effort to positively impact the world around them is Free Range Studios. They describe themselves as just that, a group of “wildly creative” people who are focused in maintaining the integrity of the social messages that they are trying to convey. Their website www.freerange.com shows their variety of clients, their mission statement and boasts that they are “creativity with a conscious” and “that the right stories told in revolutionary ways can transform society.”

Free Range Studios


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