Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, and to create meaningful new interpretations. I have recently discovered two blogs that showcase many artists who exude the very definition of creativity. Happy Famous Artists, who dub themselves with the tag-line “Bad art for bad people”, and well as Wooster Collective, a blog that is dedicated to showcasing street art. Happy Famous Artists uses their blog to showcase many different areas of art, everything from architecture and fashion to street art. The thing that I love most about them is that they post a wide variety of subjects and offer intriguing and thought provoking insights on each. One of my favorite posts features David Cole, a Brooklyn-based designer who created miniature taxidermy deer head out of Lego. The posts goes into further detail about how psychology states that the toys we play with as children will determine our problem solving skills as an adult. Wooster Collective celebrates street art from all over the world. Their goal to bring street art out in the forefront of the art industry. The couple that is behind Wooster Collective uses images, videos and comments to document new and interesting street art. One of the posts that I found the most interesting was featuring an artist who is known as VINZ FEEL FREE, his street art style portrays the heads of birds on top of women’s bodies. Both blogs offer a unique and insightful perspective on various forms of art and culture.

Happy Famous People

Wooster Collective

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