I have recently taken it upon myself to delve deeper into the world of social media and make an attempt to learn to use Twitter. While perusing the endless world of twitter, I stumbled upon tweets tagged  #shortgirlproblems. Being vertically challenged myself  this sparked my interest. The tweets were intriguing because they were hilarious to read but also because I could relate to them. I felt slightly empowered knowing that I was not the only person who found myself in these embarrassing predicaments. I became immediately inspired by this, I felt that if I could relate to these tweets, and if there were so many short girls out there posting them, then clearly this is a major issue that needs public recognition.

Lucky for me this inspiration coincided perfectly with a publication design project for our typography class. I have decided that this project presents me with the perfect platform to launch my public awareness campaign on behalf of short girls everywhere. This book will illustrate many issues that many women, myself included are presented with on a daily basis. I plan to use and acknowledge these tweets as my inspiration as well as depicting the problems in a style that mimics the tweets themselves. The book will be divided into several categories and will have simple and cute illustrations to accompany the “problems” which we are faced with.

Check back soon for updates on the progress of this book.


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